Best Vacuums to Buy

We have put together this site to help you decide which vacuum cleaner suit you best. You will find reviews of popular vacuum cleaners here and you can also buy them online here at the comfort of your home and has it delivered to your home.

Having a clean home is very important especially if you have children at home or it you are also keeping pets as companion. This is because dust, diet, dust mikes and allergens are the cause of most allergy and asthma in young children.

What are the Best Vacuums to Buy?

But with so many types and brands of vacuum cleaners in the market which is the best vacuums that will meet your needs? Well, this is where we come in.


The cost of vacuum cleaners varies from a less than a hundred to a couple thousands but which one do you need? The first answer lies in your budget – how much can you afford to pay, next comes with the kind of environment that you are in – do you keep pet(s), is your floor carpeted and do you have kids at home.

A home with pet and carpet floor will require more care and cleaning. This is because pet, especially animal with long hair tends to shed more hair and will require more vacuuming else it will affect the appearance of your home. Having your pet hair blown around your home by wind will not look welcoming to your guests.

If you have carpeted floor, then cleaning your carpet from trapped dust, dirt, dust mite and human dead skin is important. Dust mite is too small to be visible from the human eyes but it feeds on human dead skin and its extract known as dander can cause allergy or asthma attack in people who have sensitive nose, especially in young children.

Are Bagless Vacuums the Best Vacuums to Buy?

Sebo 9570AM Review

Sebo 9570AM

There are many kinds of vacuums to choose from, the best vacuums, in my opinion, are the bagless ones because then you do not need to worry about shopping for the replacement bags, making it more environmentally friendlier.

Bagless ones vacuums also come in 2 types – canister and water base. Canister ones are those where dust and dirt are suction up and trap in a dry canister where you will need to carefully empty to prevent the trapped dust from being blown back into your home. Then there is the wet type where the dust and dirt are trapped into a container filled with water and all is needed is to empty the water with the dust and dirt into the toilet bowl and flush it down the toilet. Make sure you check out the best canister vacuum cleaner reviews and comparisons before purchasing.

Other Considerations

The other important thing to look at is the suction power of the vacuums, this can be judged from the power rating of the vacuum, a higher rating would mean a stronger suction power then again this will come with a higher price and higher energy consumption.

Finally, but not least, you can look at the gadgets or attachment that come with the vacuum cleaner because these gadgets will help you with cleaning difficult corners in the house.

Popular Brands

Riccar Carpet Pro Review

There are many brands of vacuums in the market, some of the best vacuums are:

The Best Vacuums to Buy is Here

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