Discover The History Of The Oreck Vacuum

Oreck vacuum designs have long elevated the bar in the hotel industry; however these lightweight masterpieces have lately begun to create a splash on the real estate market. Still, these vacuums are rapidly becoming big names.

The Oreck vacuum company was founded in 1963 in New Orleans, Louisiana, by David Oreck. He looked to construct a company that designed vacuums for the commercial hotel industry. His intent was to result in the Oreck vacuum simple for housekeepers to use but sufficiently strong to complete the job. The mixture of ease and effectiveness, Oreck reasoned will make the product unequalled and would make it very popular in the market. Oreck’s reasoning was right. It’s reported more than 50,000 hotels worldwide use Oreck vacuum designs.

As the Oreck vacuum built a reputation for itself within the hotel industry, these masterpieces have also found their way to the retail market. These designs are preferred by many for household use for several reasons. The perks of Oreck vacuum models include:


* Top fill design: An Oreck vacuum fills its bag from the top down, meaning the flow path does not get jammed or blocked as quickly. This is ideal for individuals who dislike having to take the vacuum apart to fix frequent clogs. The look does not mean the vacuums won’t clog but it can serve as a significant preventative tool.

* Cleaning mind designs. Most Oreck vacuum models are recognized for their wide cleaning heads that do not leave center tabs of grime behind. This can lead to just one sweep to complete a job.

* Bag design. The Oreck is famous not just because of its top fill design, but additionally its self sealing bags. What this means is customers do not have to create large messes when bags need to be changed. A number of other systems mean grime and debris escape back in to the air whenever a bag is changed.

* Filtration: The conventional Oreck vacuum has filtration that can help keep grime and debris held in the bag. This, combined with the self sealing bags, makes the design fantastic for individuals who are suffering from allergic reactions. Individuals who do not want extra dust into the air will benefit from these features, too.

* Lightweight designs. This is a trademark of Oreck. The concept behind the majority of this company’s masterpieces is a lot of energy in a user friendly package. The 5-pound model, for instance, has got the energy of a 16 pound bowling ball! The organization does, obviously, make a variety of models that provide other perks beyond small size.

An Oreck vacuum is a fair amount more costly than others. Oreck has a family group reputation for solid cleaning with little hassle. By using its top fill design, bag system and filtration, the vacuum is a favorite of allergy sufferers.

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