Dyson Bagless Upright Vacuum Reviews

Dyson has a reputation of being one of the best vacuum makers on the planet. This is due to their high specifications, and the unique and patented designs Dyson use. Dyson vacuums are nearly all bag less, a tradition which saves you time and money. If you do get a vacuum with a bag, try looking for cheap and discounted bags, often by buying them in bulk quality, to save you money in the long run.


The Dyson DC14AF Bagless Upright Vacuum is one of Dysons most popular model. Combining powerful suction technique with very powerful pick up on any type of floor surface,the DC14AF will take care of all you needs. With a huge 17 inch hose, the vacuum is capable of reaching up to nearly all stair cases, without you having to heave the vacuum up step by step. Whether you are trying to remove a few pet hairs from about the place, or getting down right to the roots of carpets, the Dyson DC14AF will be able to take care of it.


The Dyson DC07 Allergy Blue/Turquoise Bag less Upright Cyclonic Vacuum is specially designed for the safe removal of pet hairs, and any other allergic material that could be left behind by pets. Featuring just over 1 gallon of dirt space, you will rarely have to empty your canister. Using a HEPA filter, the vacuum takes out 99.5% percent of germs, perfect for the people with dust allergies, or people who are prone to germ contamination. Often given as wedding presents, these vacuums are meant to stay with you for life, and no replacement parts are offered, as Dyson do not believe you will ever need one.

The Dyson DC25 Bag less Upright Cyclonic Vacuum is a futuristic looking vacuum, that may look wacky and eccentric, but when it comes down to cleaning can really get the job done. One of the most efficient and easy to use Dyson vacuums, the DC25 is capable of really getting heavy muck out of the floor. Whilst the power cord could be longer, and the canister a bit bigger, the vacuum does a tremendous job for a fairly affordable price. Although not official marketed as a pet hair removal system, many purchasers with pets have agreed that it’s great for getting up pet hair and other potential allergens.

The Dyson Ball DC25 All-Floors Upright Cyclonic Vacuum is one of the most revolutionary vacuums around at present. Instead of using conventional wheels, the vacuum is set on one big ball. This allows you essentially endless maneuverability, being able to turn the whole vacuum 360 degrees in a second. It allows you to get into corners you would never have been able to with normal wheels,and allows you to clean areas of your house which may have previously been inaccessible.

Whichever Dyson model you choose to go for, they are all such high quality pieces of equipment you don’t need to worry about replacing it or spending a fortune on Dyson replacement vacuum bags. If you go to popular stores such as target, sears and Walmart you can find cheap and affordable deals on, especially at this time around Christmas. Whether you want to purchase a vacuum for quick cleaning now and again, or heavy duty cleaning on a daily basis, Dyson will have a vacuum to suit your needs. It’s probably worth having a browse online as well, due to various websites often offering discount coupons and money off, sometimes even up to 25 percent.

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