Dyson DC35 Multi Floor

Dyson DC35 Multi Floor is a lightweight and slim stick model which makes cleaning easier to move up and down the stairs. Besides for the stairs, this vacuum cleaner is also very useful to remove pet hair, step on the carpeted floor dirt and dirt on the window. This vacuum cleaner weighs about 4.96 pounds and is designed to make your home care easier. It’s a removable cordless stick which gives you an ease for cleaning up a hard place.

Dyson DC35 Multi Floor Key Review


The Dyson DC35 has no cable. As a replacement, it has removable rod which is easy to use for cleaning up a hard place. It has a digital motor which is designed as powerful as the conventional motor. The Digital motor generates an efficient power for the vacuum and has a dual power mode that provides 15 minutes of strong suction power and a maximum of 6 minutes at maximum power the more difficult task.

Pros and Cons About Dyson DC35 Multi Floor

The Dyson DC35 has a slim shape and removable wand. Its performances is great on suctioning. Its digital motor generates an efficient power and a powerful dual power mode which provides a powerful suction only about 15 minutes and a maximum power at 6 minutes for more difficult task. The Dyson DC35 Multi Floor cleaners does not rely on bags to work. When you see the bin was full, just push a button and empty the dust automatically. A lithium-ion battery 22.2V is also three times faster and release evenly distribute the load for the entire time that you need in cleaning.

The small cons of Dyson DC35 is that most people think that this vacuum cleaner is a little weigh. However, but it does not matter, it only weighs a mere 4.96 pounds and has a decent battery life, and work faster. Thereby saving you time.


The Dyson DC35 is digital Multi Floor with great features: a strong suction power, fast and efficient on saving your time. Buy now and get Free Shipping and 30 Days money back guarantee from amazon.com along with 1 year warranty from Breville so you got nothing to lose. You can ask for refund if you are not satisfied with this Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Multi Floor Vacuum. All in All great product with all out buying option. So what you are waiting for?

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