Everything One Needs to Know About Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

In order to clean all the places that cannot be easily accessed by ordinary vacuum cleaners like the interiors of a car, a desktop PC or a TV a cordless vacuum cleaner becomes indispensible. A top rated vacuum cleaner is useful for keeping the house clean but one would not wish to use it for quick little needs. Cordless vacuums on the other hand are the best vacuum cleaners for cleaning such areas as they are moveable and abolish the need of keeping long electrical power cords.


Cordless vacuum cleaners are generally small vacuum cleaners that can operate on rechargeable batteries of 12 or 24-volts. There is a battery power meter and an automatic turnoff option when the power goes below a particular level.

Cordless vacuums are frequently lightweight vacuum cleaners containing the basic features like suction fans, dust container and a DC-powered motor. DC- powered motors have a lower suction power than direct AC power using vacuums. Usually, cordless vacuum cleaners are best for vacuuming pieces of food, dust particles, bits of paper and such materials on the surface like tabletops, pillows and car seats. They can also be appropriate for cleaning little electronic gadgets like laptops, MP3 players and cell phones.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners: Small Vacuum Cleaner

The compact, cordless vacuum cleaners are handy and simple to store. One may even carry them while travelling. Cordless vacuum cleaners do not make a primary cleaning instrument. They are however very helpful for minor cleaning jobs.

Cordless Stick Vacuum: Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

The cordless stick vacuum is a lightweight and slender as compared to the traditional upright vacuum cleaner type. It is extremely simple to maneuver and can be useful in cleaning floors and places which are difficult to reach. The dirt in most cord-free vacuum cleaners is collected in a box instead of a dust bag that can be later disposed.

Robot Vacuum


The family of cordless vacuums has a new addition: the robot vacuum. The robot vacuum cleaner operates on its own. One simply sets it on the floor and lest it do its job. Robot vacuums can be used on hardwood, tile or carpeted floors. They can pick up all sorts of dirt and pet hair. Robot vacuums have sensors to keep them from bumping into furniture.

Cleaning with a Cordless Vacuum

The battery driven vacuum cleaners are good for cleaning small things. They are helpful to those who can’t use a heavy and big vacuum cleaner. There are numerous manufacturers of cordless vacuums cleaners, like Miele, Hoover, Black & Decker, and Electrolux.

However the biggest disadvantage with cordless vacuum cleaners is its battery life. It’s annoying to find a low battery before one is done cleaning. In spite of this problem, these vacuum cleaners are popular because of their convenience. At the end of the day no one needs an upright full-sized vacuum cleaner to gather bread crumbs. The best vacuum cleaner is the faithful cordless vacuum.

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