Industrial Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners are available for regular consumers to use in their homes to clean up dirt that collects over the day. But what about all the dirt that is collected in larger spaces like factories, shipping yards, and other manufacturing plants that contain huge chunks of waste that is collected over time? Well, that is where the industrial vacuum comes in handy. An industrial vacuum is not a regular vacuum; it is much more powerful that you might imagine and it requires skill for one to be able to use one properly and efficiently on the factory floor.

Factory Friend

Industrial Vacuum

Dirt is much different on the factory floor than it is on the kitchen floor or living room carpet. The dirt that is referred to here can be anything from asbestos and hazardous waste to debris and rocks from industrial blasts, etc. Special industrial vacuum equipment is needed to get rid of these waste types because they can be dangerous if exposed to humans. This is especially true for factories that are involved in the pharmaceutical industry. The industrial vacuum systems that they need should include safe machines that can get rid of hazardous material and potent compounds. These industrial vacuum types can collect the particles and store them in safe filtered containers. The containers protect the machine and people around the area from different levels of contamination.


The industrial vacuum industry is one that evolves with the technologies that are used in factories. Each time a new technology is released on the factory floor, a special kind of industrial vacuum must be used to counter and protect that area from contamination. There are even some industrial vacuums that can withstand explosions and these are especially important in factories that deal with chemicals that are flammable. The concept behind an industrial vacuum is just about the same as the kinds that are used in our houses. The difference is that some of these vacuums are much stronger and are made of tougher materials because they are exposed to materials that can be quite destructive. Some of these hazardous materials would definitely corrode the insides of a regular vacuum.

The Difference

The main difference between house vacuums and industrial vacuum models is the way they are used and their size. Industrial vacuums are huge with some of them having to be driven around the factory floor. This means that their capacity is also much larger. Some of them can collect over 15 gallons of waste and that is not even the maximum. People who run factories also are given the choice of purchasing wet or dry vacuums. This basically means that it can collect waste from spills and still be able to be used to collect dust and dirt and more solid material. These are very efficient and the filters used them are very advanced because they can filter liquids and dry debris.

The industrial vacuum is just what the factory ordered. It is vital that factories keep their floors, walls and ceilings clean not just for the good of the structure of the factory but also for the overall safety of people who need to stay away from contaminated areas.

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