Sebo vs Miele

Sebo and Miele are both giants in the vacuum cleaner manufacturing industry. From time to time, both of them have produced some of the finest upright and canister vacuum cleaners. There always has been a cold rivalry going on between them. If Sebo introduces a new technology in its vacuum cleaners, Miele soon comes up some evenly matched innovation. So the interesting question that always hovers in the minds of the customers is which one is better – Sebo or Miele? Which one to go for? Well a lot depends on the floor surfaces and the types of carpets that you have among many other things. But Sebo and Miele products could be compared on the basis of some common aspects.

Although both Sebo and Miele uses S-class HEPA filtration, the Sebo vacuum cleaners are not completely sealed, but Miele vacuums are. So Miele vacuum edges ahead by trapping the finer dust and particles which Sebo vacuum cleaners are unable to clean. The machine architecture of Miele is more packed for its HEPA filtration system than the machine architecture of Sebo vacuum.

The primary job of a vacuum cleaner is to purge off dust and air without recycling it back in the air. So that you can breathe with utmost ease, and dust particles won’t glare when the sun rays are visiting your room. Sebo vacuums do come undone here. If you use the particle counter, you will find that Miele spills no particles at all, but Sebo does. That’s because Miele vacuum cleaners are completely and absolutely sealed, but Sebo vacuums are not.

Miele or Sebo
Miele or Sebo

Durability and longevity are big issues when you have to decide which product to buy. The canister vacuum cleaners from Sebo are not very well known, and Miele canister vacuums are designed to last longer than Sebo vacuums. The architecture of Miele canister vacuum cleaners is more robust. It will not break down if a coin or a sock is sucked in by the cleaner, which relieves you of the hidden repair costs you fear about. The motor of Miele itself has a warranty of 7 long years.

As the Sebo vacuum cleaners are not entirely sealed, their suction power is imperfect. Although it is very powerful, but still not perfect. But the Miele vacuums provide just about the perfect suction, that’s because Miele vacuums are entirely sealed. Miele vacuums have more water lift than Sebo vacuums. The water lift is 112 inches from Miele where Sebo offers 91 inches.

The bag capacity of Miele is 4.7 Quarts, where the bag capacity of Sebo is 5.6 Quarts. So Sebo gets the upper hand here. But as the bag fills up, Sebo vacuums tend to lose airflows, while Miele vacuums do not. That means Miele vacuums will still have 100% suction incase the bag fills up. The issues discussed above are important, but they must not be your only purchasing criteria. The perfect vacuum cleaner for you depends on a good balance of your particular needs and your budget. So you are advised to choose wisely.

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